OCM outpatient medical centre

The outpatient medical service centre including orthopaedic clinics, radiology and magnetic resonance imaging and the OCM hospital with its operating theatres are found under the roof of the OCM. . OCM is specialised in the treatment of injuries and illnesses affecting the human locomotor system and is one of the largest such institutes in Germany.


The OCM clinic

The OCM clinic is a private hospital. We carry out surgical interventions.

In many cases, state-of-the-art procedures allow ambulatory treatment or significantly shorten any necessary hospital stays. Our clinic has one or twin bedrooms with an individual washroom. Our nursing staff are well trained and there for you round the clock. A doctor is always at hand. Friendly support is our common goal.

A further aspect of OCM is the group practice and the medical service centre. This combination of diagnostic and therapeutic units gives our patients the chance to have the cause of their complaints determined by an experienced OCM specialist. Depending on the results, they can then opt for either outpatient or normal inpatient treatment by on site by one of our experienced and specialist doctors trained in one particular sub genre of orthopaedics.

The orthopaedic group practice and its diagnostic opportunities are, principally, available to all patients. This is also true for operations as an outpatient. Inpatient treatment or brief inpatient stays at OCM clinic are only available to private patients, self-paying patients and only possible within the cadre of integrated treatment.

OCM group practice

The group practice was founded in 2003, following a merge between two orthopaedic practices in southern Munich. Our aim is to offer our patients comprehensive diagnosis and surgical competence during treatment for issues affecting the human locomotor system.


OCM’s group practice is made up of a highly qualified team of orthopaedic specialists and surgeons, appointed assistants and specialists as well as medical assistants, all at your disposal.


The cooperation with various clinics means our patients have a specialised centre for surgical orthopaedic interventions at their disposal. Our specialists will take care of you, from complete diagnosis up to any necessary surgical interventions, as well as postoperative monitoring.

We have special terms and conditions with the following health insurance schemes