OCM company management

OCM is specialized in the treatment of injuries and illnesses affecting the human locomotor system and is one of the largest institutions in Germany. The OCM is supported and managed by specialists each of whom is specialized in one or more sub-regions of orthopedics.

Frank Horn -
Managing Director

Frank Horn took on the role of Managing Director of Orthopedic Surgery Munich (OCM) on 01.10.2015. He has many years of experience in the health care and clinic management. Most recently he was Managing Director of the Helios clinics in Pasing and Perlach.

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Jung -
Medical Director OCM

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Jung is a specialist hand and foot surgeon and Medical Director of OCM – Orthopaedic Surgery Munich - since mid 2015. In the role of Medical Director, Prof. Jung is OCM’s external representative for all matters relating to medicine.

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