The Elbow

The elbow joint is a complex form-fitting joint consisting of three bones that form the joint, humerus, ulna and radius. The ulna and humerus enable us to make a hinge movement, rotation takes place between all three bones, while the radius rotates around its own longitudinal axis. .

In addition to the bony stability, the joint is further stabilized by a tight capsule-ligament apparatus. Acute injuries to the elbow can affect the bone, the capsular ligaments and the surrounding structures such as muscles, vessels and nerves. In this case, usually very quick and sometimes immediate medical care is required. Chronic diseases can result from traumatic injury, yet also from overload and wear or based on rheumatic diseases. .

In addition to the clinical examination, conventional X-ray and sonography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) are available for diagnostics.

Elbow treatment at OCM

In most cases, a diagnosis can be made based on the clinical examination. Imaging examinations such as sonography and X-ray can be done at OCM if required. Depending on how many appointments are scheduled on a specific day, an MRI scan can also be conducted.  

"Surgical measures are often a potential necessity to "escalate" treatment. The option of treatment by injection is also available for a number of elbow conditions, before the idea of surgery even comes into play."

If surgery is required, a patient may already give written informed consent and be scheduled within the scope of the first appointment. Surgeries are conducted in our outpatient rooms located on the first floor of the OCM or at our inpatient clinic SANA Klinik Sendling.