Hand Surgery

Because of the complex anatomy of the hand, diseases of the hand pose a special challenge. We are often not aware of the extraordinary importance of our hands until individual functions become limited due to disease or injury.  

Hand surgery covers acute injuries and the subsequent related diseases. This includes degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, nerve congestion syndromes of the hand and arm as well as deformities of the hand. These diseases can be treated conservatively or by means of surgery. Because of the highly complex nature of hand surgery only specially trained and specialized physicians holding the additional title ‘hand surgeon’ should conduct such operations.  

Hand Treatment at OCM

A diagnosis is usually made during the first appointment and, if possible, a conservative treatment initiated. If imaging, such as sonography or X-ray is required, this can be done at OCM. Depending on how many appointments are scheduled on a specific day, an MRI scan can also be conducted.         

We have three specialists who treat patients with hand diseases at OCM: Dr Bracker, Prof Dr Jung and Dr Massing.  

If surgery is required, a patient may already give written informed consent and be scheduled within the scope of the first appointment. Surgeries are conducted in the outpatient rooms on the first floor of the OCM or at our inpatient clinic SANA Klinik Sendling.

In addition to hand injuries caused by falls, bruising or cuts, there is a range of diseases that medical treatment necessary. These include Dupuytren's contracture, osteoarthritis of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger (snapping-finger).