The requirements placed on the hip joint are huge due to the load and movement to which it is exposed.

Congenital deformities, changes in the shape perfusion during growth, increased load and movement in daily life and recreational and competitive sports can lead to pain and early degeneration (osteoarthritis). 


Treatment of the Hip at OCM

Long-term experience and specialization in the treatment of the hip joint is required in order for a physician to identify and precisely diagnose an injury or disease of the hip and to carry out a successful surgical treatment. Individual physicians at OCM are specialized in the treatment of hip joints and have attained an excellent reputation in this field, both nationally and internationally. OCM is established as an allocated centre for joint-preserving surgery for amateur, competitive and professional athletes requiring minimally invasive insertion of joint prostheses and for second surgeries to replace the endoprosthesis.  


OCM treatment focuses are arthroscopic hip surgery and minimally invasive hip endoprostheses.  

Both the arthroscopic keyhole technology and the implantation of an artificial hip joint without muscle transection ensure maximum protection of the tissue surrounding the hip, a short rehabilitation period and optimal surgical results.