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Orthopaedic Surgery Munich (OCM) is a private medical establishment which is exclusively dedicated to injuries to and diseases of the human locomotory system.




OCM is supported and managed by doctors, each of whom specialises in one or several sub-regions of the locomotory apparatus. The abbreviation OCM therefore represents established professional competence in combination with ultramodern techniques and a comfortable clinic infrastructure with a personal ambience. It guarantees you, as the patient, optimal care with state-of-the-art medicine.



The orthopaedic-surgical joint practice, the clinic with its operating theatres and the magnetic resonance imaging practice are all located within the OCM.



“Dr. Krigis understands his job, which is known to us.
So it’s true to the motto ‘Made in Germany’.”

Emad Meteb – Egyptian international footballer



Your stay at OCM



Outpatient and brief inpatient interventions


The outpatient or brief inpatient interventions take place in the OCM clinic.


Endoprosthetic interventions


Necessary inpatient interventions within the endoprosthetics cadre are carried out in the adjacent Sana clinic.


For all patients


Brief inpatient stays in the OCM clinic are possible both for private patients and, within the cadre of the integrated contracts of care, for public health service patients. The OCM doctors are also acting inpatient doctors in the Sana clinic Munich-Sendling-Solln, which is open to all patients.

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OCM international Office



OCM supports international patients –especially from outside the European countries- which are seeking for medical help with a special service office called “OCM international“. This office is staffed with competent employees, who – always and under ensured strict confidentiality – take care of the individual health problem, but also the legal and administrative aspects and the special needs of these patients.






To offer as quickly as possible the best treatment options, the office "OCM international" needs your current medical findings. The informations should be as detailed as possible. They can be sent by email, by fax or by air mail. The office staff will respond promptly after consultation with our specialized doctors.







The office "OCM International" will create a customized offer for every patient before admission with the treatment costs, the expected duration of treatment and the possibilities that the patient has for a payment in advance.







Of course we offer our patients for their inpatient stay a range of comfortable accommodation possibilities. Attendants can also be accommodated – all in compliance with the strictest confidentiality.







On request "OCM" international " supports you with the rapid procurement of a visa and completes the formalities of entry. For people who speak neither German nor English, the office can provide a professional interpreter, which of course also preserves any confidentiality.




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