Highly specialized for all parts of the locomotor system

We offer our patients the highest measure of specialization for every single joint and for the spine. The OCM Munich has made a name for itself in Germany as a leader, particularly in the field of joint preservation. Thanks to the broad spectrum of specialist skills, we are able to treat a wide variety of orthopedic disorders to the highest medical standards. Easy access and specialist know-how that is concentrated in one spot allow us to tackle even complex problems that require interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Specialist endoprosthetics center

The right address for skiing injuries

Here at OCM, we are passionate about skiing! Our team of sport orthopedists, many of whom are keen skiers themselves, have great expertise and experience in every aspect of treating skiing injuries. Pros and amateurs alike are in good hands at the OCM if they have suffered a skiing injury.


From the diagnosis to after-care

In the OCM München, we accompany you all the way from the first appointment right through to rehab and after-care. Our specialists and competent nursing staff are here for you at all times. Thanks to the sharing of specialized tasks, we can offer one-stop support in every stage of your recovery, from the diagnosis, through therapy planning to after-care. Whether as an inpatient or outpatient – you will be cared for by a fixed team that you know and which is familiar with your situation.

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Ultramodern diagnostics

Targeted treatment is based on a reliable diagnosis. Thanks to our team of specialized radiologists and the latest procedures, we are able to diagnose even highly complex causes precisely.

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Orthopedic treatment

Your physician will discuss all of the potential therapy options with you on the basis of the diagnosis. If surgery appears to be the best option, your physician will take their time to explain all of the possible surgical procedures in detail.

They will also tell you whether the procedure can be carried out as an outpatient treatment or whether you will have to be hospitalized.

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Rehab and after-care

Our physiotherapists will start helping you to regain your mobility just one day after any surgery. And even after you leave our clinic, we help make sure that you get up and about again as quickly as possible.

Fast help with spinal disorders

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Do you suffer from back pain?

Back pains are among the most common ailments. If you are in permanent discomfort, you will be in good hands at the OCM München. The experienced consultants in our spinal center specialize in identifying spinal complaints and treating these holistically.

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