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Specialists for endoprosthetics

As a result of demographic developments, joint replacement surgery has become one of the most common kinds of surgery. In the OCM München, a highly specialized team of physicians takes care of the endoprosthetic treatment of around 2,600 patients each year. Thanks to this expertise and the far-reaching experience of our surgeons, we can offer our patients the highest possible level of safety. Our specialists are among Germany’s most versed endoprosthetics experts. Together with the Sana Klinik in München, OCM has been certified as a specialist endoprosthetics center since 2012.

The team of experts

Endoprothetik-Team der OCM, 7 Ärzte in weiß, lächelnd, vor dem Eingang

Dr. Alexander Kirgis, Dr. Michael Sostheim, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kalteis, Prof. Dr. Robert Hube, Dr. Manuel Köhne, Dr. Skender Krasniqi, Prof. Dr. Michael Dienst

List of endoprosthetic procedures we offer

Minimally invasive

We trust in minimally invasive surgical procedures at the endoprosthetics center of the OCM München. Thanks to these tissue-conserving surgical procedures, the muscles remain unharmed and the patients can quickly be mobilized again after surgery.

Bilateral & simultaneous

If both knee or hip joints have to be replaced, we here at the OCM are specialized in inserting the artificial joints simultaneously in a single operation. This method has the advantage for patients of a quicker and easier rehabilitation.

Enhanced Recovery

Thanks to our intensive support and interdisciplinary collaboration, we can get our patients back on their feet again very quickly after surgery. The enhanced recovery programs are a fixed part of OCM’s endoprosthetic treatment.

Highly specialized

Our team has decades of experience in endoprosthetics. What’s more, every single physician is a specialist for a particular joint. What this means for you is that your surgeon knows everything there is to know about the joint being replaced.

Re-certified, year after year

Together with the Sana Klinik in München, OCM has been certified as a specialist endoprosthetics center (EPC) since 2012. Only clinics that offer the complete package of diagnosis, treatment, inpatient care and physiotherapy follow-up can qualify as and EPC.

Endoprothetikzentrum der OCM Orthopädische Chirurgie München, Logo endoCert-Siegel, blaue Schrift auf grauem Grund

The endoCert seal of approval

The OCM München undergoes an audit by the independent EndoCert GmbH so that we can guarantee the highest possible quality in endoprosthetic care. In the course of this certification, all of the structures and processes are checked to ensure that they meet the strictly defined criteria for an endoprosthetics center.

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Find your specialist

Our consultants cover the whole range of endoprosthetics. You will find the right specialist for every joint.

The treatment programs

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