Portrait Dr. med. univ. Alexander Krenauer, weißes Hemd, lächelnd

Dr. med. univ. Alexander Krenauer

Specialization: Spine

  • Specialist for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery
  • Manual medicine
  • Chirotherapist

Specialist for the treatment of diseases of the spine

Before joining the OCM, Dr. Alexander Krenauer worked for 11 years in the Schoen Clinic in Munich Harlaching where he specialized in the treatment of diseases of the spine. Consequently, he is able to give his patients the best possible way support. “My motivation was and still is to help people – today more than ever before,” he says. His focus is always on the patient, because no two patients, no suffering and no pain are the same, and an individual therapy has to be found together for every single patient.
One project that is particularly close to Dr. Alexander Krenauer’s heart is the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis in children and adults. He has published a number of medical articles, a book and several podcasts on this topic. When time allows, he also works as a physician in conflict areas for the medical aid organization NAVIS. 



operations p.a.


standard and minimally invasive spine surgeries


complex and reconstructive spine surgeries

Procedures offered

  • Scoliosis and deformation surgery
  • Microsurgical operations on the entire spine for slipped discs and spinal canal stenoses
  • Minimally invasive mobility-preserving and stiffening (corrective) operations on the entire spine
  • Selective image converter-assisted infiltration therapies (conservative): 1. Facet joint infiltrations 2. PRT (pericardicular therapy) 3. Radio frequency thermal denervation 4. ACP therapies (plasma therapy/autologous conditioned plasma)