Porträt Prof. Dr. Patric Raiss, Arzt OCM München, weißes Hemd, freundlicher Gesichtsausdruck

Prof. Dr. med. Patric Raiss

Senior Physician
Specialization: Shoulder

  • Specialist for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery
  • Special Orthopedic Surgery
  • DVSE-certified shoulder and elbow surgeon
  • SECEC/ESSSE-certified shoulder and elbow surgeon

Specialist for the shoulder

Prof. Dr. med. Patric Raiss is one of the leading specialists in the field of modern shoulder surgery. As an orthopedic and trauma surgery consultant with the additional title of special orthopedic surgery, he is a senior physician at the OCM. His is an active member and instructor of the German Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (DVSE) and the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow (SECEC/ESSSE).



operations p.a.


shoulder prostheses (anatomical/inverse) and prostheses replacement surgery


arthroscopic sutures for rotator cuffs


stabilization operations


other arthroscopic shoulder operations


treatment of shoulder joint fractures

Procedures offered

  • Shoulder endoprosthetics
  • Modern and minimally invasive shoulder surgery
  • Operative treatment of all acute and degenerative shoulder diseases
  • Operative treatment of fractures in the rotator cuff
  • Operative treatment of instabilities in the shoulder joint
  • Operative treatment of fractures in the shoulder joint


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